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How Celebrity Influence Affects Advocacy

By | Talent Management

Over 390 billion dollars were given to charities in 2016. Each year this amount increases.  This amount seems even more shocking when you learn there are 1.5 million registered non-profit organizations to date. These numbers continue to rise due to individual giving and celebrity influence. In the past, estates and…

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Talent Agent | Alliance Talent International

Why You Need Talent Representation

By | Music

You are an entertainer, an artist who has a lot to offer the world. Your creativity not only shines through your work, it touches others. Your work can have an impact on people around the world. Being given such a large platform to express your creativity means you need to…

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11 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

By | Social Media

If you have a goal of increasing brand awareness, revenue, and loyalty, social media marketing is a must. It’s harder to find someone not using social media platforms than those who are. In fact, many people use multiple social media outlets, and for good reason. There are many benefits of…

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6 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following

By | Instagram

Instagram rocks! It is consistently adding users, especially ones that are young, engaged and ready to follow someone great, like you. There are millions of Instagram users just waiting to see more of your personality, buy your product and follow you around the world. It is a platform that wants…

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