Social Media

Alliance Talent is an expert in the space of social media management and the monetization of social media assets for musicians, athletes, comedians, fashion models, and celebrities. With a focus on Facebook, and additional opportunities on Instagram and Twitter, Alliance Talent is at the forefront of finding the most cutting edge social media management and monetization opportunities for its clients.

Whether it’s posting strategies that allow clients to earn revenue without the association of brands, or if it’s finding new technology opportunities, Alliance Talent by Jason Swartz works diligently to stay ahead of the curve to find, vet and secure passive income opportunities for its clients. Alliance Talent specializes in finding opportunities that both enhance the talent’s existing brand, as well as expand it into new categories allowing for a broader reach with its existing fans as well as growing their following with new followers.

Through its global network of online publishers, brand endorsements and focus in the social media and technology space, Alliance Talent is able to find the opportunities that fall outside the traditional roles of talent managers and agents. As such, Alliance Talent helps to expand and strengthen the overall social media management of talent to ensure no opportunities are missed, no matter how complicated or avant-garde.

How It Works:

Partner: Become a partner with Jason Swartz and Alliance Talent Social. We create a customized solution for your audience. 

Content Selection: Alliance hand picks proven viral content that fits your style and fan base.

Strategic Planning: Alliance Talent arranges & posts approved content on social media using specific techniques to insure top performance.

Execution & Tracking: Progress is tracked with transparent tracking and entertainers earn passive income


New passive income
Larger and more engaged fanbase
More influence