How Facebook Monetization Helps Your Business and Brand

By December 14, 2017Social Media
Making Money With Social Media | Alliance Talent International by Jason Swartz

It’s no secret Facebook is the largest social media platform with billions of active users. If you don’t have a Facebook page yet, now is the time to get one. Facebook is free: it is free to join, free to connect with fans and free to grow your business. Not only are most of its benefits available at no cost, you can even make money. I mean, lots of money using Facebook monetization practices.

Below are a few examples of how Facebook monetization helps your business and your brand.


Target Specific Audiences with Facebook Monetization

Facebook monetization makes it easy to reach the exact audience you want to reach. If you run a Facebook ad, you can choose to place that ad in front of the active users who have searched for or is a group about a topic like what you are selling.

They see your ad, click on it, and buy your product or service.

For example, if your new fiction romance novel will be ready for release in a few months, you can run a pre-sale on Facebook to get people to order your book before it will hit the shelves. When creating your ad, you will target Facebook groups that have interests in both fiction and romance novels.

It really is that simple. And with just a click, they can pre-order your book.


Advertise Through Live Videos

Those awesome videos you have been creating can now make money with Facebook monetization. Facebook is allowing businesses to monetize each video. Meaning, others can place ads on your videos. When users watch your video, and click on the sponsored ad, you can money if a purchase is made.

To grow your brand, you can seek out the biggest influencers on Facebook and pay them to promote your product through a live video. Connecting with a musician, writer or film celebrity could boost your brand in just a few minutes.

Just make sure you connect with the right artist, one that fits your brand’s mission.

How to Make Money With Social Media | Alliance Talent International by Jason Swartz


Create Content

Most audiences love to read good stories that touch the soul, induce laughter, teach them something new or all the above.

Useful content can turn Facebook users into loyal, engaged fans.

If you have a story to tell that can connect you with Facebook users, tell it. Share it on Facebook and ask your audience to share it. In a matter of minutes, your follower list will grow.

Throughout your content article, you can refer your fans to products or services you have created that can benefit them. You can get them to sign up for your email newsletter where you can make even further sales while also providing them with even more useful content.


Affiliate Marketing

Another Facebook monetization strategy is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing allows you to link your fans to great products and services. When they purchase the products or services you are recommending, you receive a commission.

Facebook users love reading reviews of products, from kitchen tools to educational courses, they appreciate what you have to say about it.

Buyers like reviews because they mean you have done all the leg work, the purchasing and the testing of the product so they don’t have to.

While it is not a good idea to promote your own products or services through affiliate marketing, you can still grow your brand by recommending others. You become the expert in the field of what is good and not so good when making a purchase.

Recommend products related to your brand. When they click on the link to purchase what you are recommending, you can receive a portion of what they pay.

Facebook Monetization Benefits | Alliance Talent International by Jason Swartz


Messenger Communication

Facebook messenger allows you to reach out and communicate directly with potential customers. Because of this, it’s a great way to implement Facebook monetization. This is great since 56 percent of users prefer messaging to phone calls. And with billions of messages being sent months on Facebook, you can jump right in.

With Facebook messenger, you can run targeted ads, provide interactive experiences and convert users into loyal fans and buyers. When using Facebook monetization strategies in messenger, you can even allow sponsored ads to run in your messages.



Like messenger, WhatsApp is a way for businesses to communicate with potential customers. It allows anyone who has the app to upload contact information and communicate for free. It currently has 1.2 billion active users around the world.

WhatsApp is still a work in progress, however. Monetization tools are something to keep your eye on, as they are changing and improving.

Getting to know WhatsApp now will keep you on the front lines of reaching customers. You will not be jumping on board later, trying to capture buyers that have already been caught by your competition.

Even if you aren’t making money on something now, making connections is just as important. These connections will turn into customers later. And they will not want to switch to another business or brand if they already trust you.


Retargeting Audiences

You have targeted them once, now you can target them again. Facebook gives you analytical data that shows you who has been liking and checking out what you have to offer. It lets you see what people are searching for, what they need.

This information gives you the chance to provide them with what they need.

So, anyone who visits your website, people who visit specific web pages or a combination of the two can be retargeted. Meaning, they will be shown advertisements on their Facebook page based on their internet searches.

If someone visits your website but does not purchase an item, can be shown an advertisement for your business when they are on their Facebook page, tempting them to take another look at what you have to offer.

Facebook monetization is growing every day. Facebook wants you to be successful in growing your brand and business by using Facebook tools. This helps you just as much as it helps Facebook.

Social media management and monetization allows you to grow your brand while making ancillary income. To grow your business or brand, take advantage of all the Facebook monetization capabilities, not just one, to see quick growth in fans and increased revenue.

Jason Swartz is the President and Founder of Alliance Talent, a world-leader in the entertainment business. Growing up in Los Angeles with a passion for music, he took his local childhood concert business and made in an international concert booking company. Specializing in entertainment booking, social media branding and monetization, and music publishing, Jason was the first to scale social media monetization for the music industry across Facebook. Today, he runs Alliance Talent, a leading entertainment company and concert promoter; focusing on concert bookings, talent representation, brand management, and social media monetization.

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